Unlike anything that exists in the Costa Rican market, El Chante is a pioneer in sustainable luxury. Built in harmony with nature, El Chante is designed to make a minimal impact on the natural environment and instead, to work with and give back to the land surrounding it.

Situated on a hillside, 300 meters above the ocean, El Chante’s architecture is based in the Pacific Rim Tropical style – a building philosophy that celebrates the tropical lifestyle through open-air structures to elicit natural ventilation and cooling. With every beam of wood strategically placed to promote free-flowing air circulation, air-conditioning is rendered useless in El Chante. Instead of relying on energy-consuming AC-units, guests at El Chante can get away from man-made technology and feel completely comfortable and relaxed in the ideal climate to enjoy the tropics.

In addition to the open-air architecture, El Chante features numerous other recycling systems and sustainable features that make it a model for eco-friendly luxury. El Chante is living proof that 5-star luxury does not have to stand apart and clash with the pre-existing natural environment. El Chante is the ideal spot for people who enjoy the finer things in life with a passion for adventure and love of nature and the environment. Costa Rica’s most progressive home is evidence that luxury and giving back to the earth and local communities are no longer mutually exclusive. Extending the eco-lodge and sustainable tourism trend to the exclusive, private vacation rental market, El Chante is paving the way for eco-conscious travelers who want the very best quality of life and natural immersion on their tropical vacations.


Sustainable Systems

Designed to Work with Nature

Open-air architectural design to promote cross ventilation, thus minimizing the need for AC and energy consumption. Lush gardens built around large, natural trees that purify the air quality and keep the grounds cool.


We us a composting system where all organic waste and leftover food is used for fertilizer in the gardens.

Solar and LED

At El Chante we use solar sunboilers in all rooms for hot water and the highest quality LED lighting for electrical efficiency.


In-house water treatment plant where all water used at El Chante is recycled and used to irrigate the gardens. El Chante also utilizes a state-of-the-art water purification system for perfect drinking water.

Constructed with Plantation Hardwood

We haven't forgotten developers, that's why we've built Foundry from the ground-up as a powerful, easy to understand framework with a particular focus on code readability.

Mistaway Mosquito Protection

El Chante uses a Mistaway system that not only naturally deters mosquitos, it also keeps the outdoor areas cooler without using excess energy.

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